Security of Storage Units

  •  Our storage units are brick wall units with roll up doors.
  •  24 hour on site guards.
  •  24 hour armed response.
  •  Electric fencing.
  •  CCTV Cameras.
  •  Flood Lighting.
  •  Your own lock and key.
  •  Fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire walls.

Not allowed

  • Firearms, ammunition or explosive goods
  • Illegal goods for import or export.
  • Plants or biodegradable organic matter (waste) likely to encourage rodents or other pests.
  • Flammable goods such as oils, petrol or any other flammable goods.
  • Industrial or camping GAS BOTTLES (empty or full).
  • Stolen goods, drugs, explosives, aerosols, petroleum based paints, radioactive material or hazardous goods
  • Goods which require special license or government permission.
  • Perishable items that require a controlled environment IE: FOOD.
  • No animals or animal by-products of any kind.

Storage unit access

Secure structure

  • Storage units are purposely designed, built and managed for secure storage. Units are solid bricks with no windows, IBR roofs and roller shutter garage doors.   

Storage locks

  • Tenants secure their unit with their own padlock and key.

Holing of unit keys

  • Supa Storage does not hold padlock keys for any tenant.

Lost Keys

  • Lock cutting can only be arranged by Supa Storage with written notice from the tenant.

Our facility is locked at night, between 7pm to 7am. No after hour’s access exceptions will be made without making arrangements with the office.

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